The defouler method is a trick people use by using a part made for spark plugs, so taking it back and saying that "it doesn't fit" is pointless. The location of the bungs on the testpipe is what the problem is, they are angled up slightly towards the underbody of the car.
Hey guys in this video I show how to fix a catalytic converter deficiency code such P0420 P0421 P043O P043. Legend has it that if you use a spark plug non fo...

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My inspection is up this month. The rear o2 sensors are turned off via tune so they are obviously incomplete/not ready. Is there any way around this? Defoulers, mil eliminator anything?? Or do i have to swap the cat back in which i dobt want to do because its a custom welded exhaust
Oct 03, 2020 · The O2 sensor collects data from the gases leaving your engine and sends the data to the car’s central computer for analysis. The on-board computer ensures that your engine is in tip-top condition. So if it detects an irregularity in the exhaust gases leaving your car, it informs you in various ways.

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Order Non-Fouler for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. Check here for special coupons and promotions.
Jan 17, 2020 · One of the great ironies in this industry is that possibly the most nuanced system on your car is also considered one of the most accessible and commonly modified things on any vehicle. Any shadetree mechanic with a wrench and a 6-pack can do exhaust work, but when you’re dealing with off the shelf parts, […]

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About a month ago, engine light went on and we got a P0420 code. After some research on this site, I decided to replace the after cat O2 sensor and stand it off a little bit from the exhaust pipe by installing it in a spark plug defouler that had been drilled out. That seemed to do the trick...
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The defouler method is a trick people use by using a part made for spark plugs, so taking it back and saying that "it doesn't fit" is pointless. The location of the bungs on the testpipe is what the problem is, they are angled up slightly towards the underbody of the car.
Aug 16, 2020 · Vibrant 02 sensor defouler Thread On Bung w/ Restrictor Fittings for adjustable flow. $ 20.95 Quantity. Add to Cart. Vibrant Thread in Oxygen Sensor Bung T304 SS (M18 ...

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IF you are going to ever have to get an inspection, get the defouler. Yes, your tuner can get rid of the CEL without the defouler. But your O2 readiness monitor will read "not ready"...and that can and probably will be problematic come inspection time.
Jan 23, 2017 · The rear o2 does have input on final fueling , I believe its A/F Correction #3 , it doesnt correct huge amounts but it does have input on your final fueling, im sure most tuners turn it off , i did, also the tune needs to be setup for full time closed loop fueling to have 100% feedback from the front o2 , otherwise the car will switch back and forth between open and closed loop

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Hello everyone, I am a long time follower and consumer of the information put forward by members of this community but a new member. I own an operate a machine shop out of Prescott Valley, Arizona and frequently tow 6-9k pounds loads with my 1998 Chevrolet K3500 Dually with the Vortec 7.4 I...
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The defouler will move the secondary O2 Sensor away from the direct flow of gasses in the catalytic converter which will trick the computer into thinking that there is still restrictions in the cat therefore keeping the Check Engine Light from coming on.
-Spark Plug non-fouler (aka Spark Plug defouler)-By installing the spark plug non-fouler, you are in essence moving the rear 02 sensor out of the direct flow of the exhaust stream/flow. By doing so, you are tricking the 02 sensor will an inaccurate reading.

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Why eliminate the O2 senser? How do you get the computer to work with the O2 eliminated? Are there any procedures that need to be done to get the...
Mar 19, 2014 · their called spark plug defoulers, you have to drill them out to fit the sensor tip. what they do it move the o2 sensor out just a little so they only pickup enough gases to give the PCM a simular reading as they would have if the cats were installed.

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Jul 23, 2011 · 2) Excessive O2 due to an air leak. Find out what your code is and post it here. If you have #2 its easy enough to fix. If you have #1 I have a special material you can put into the nonfoulers to help clear it up. Tony
Jun 01, 2009 · Shoot all I have to do is pull the fuse lol. The fuse that controlled my o2 sensor (20A number 8 passenger) used to keep blowing and I had my ecu reflashed and I put a new fuse on their today and cleared the dtc's... doubt it will work though. They said that its probably a bad wire lead or something if it keeps blowing.
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Jan 13, 2020 · Find Dorman 42009 Dorman Spark Plug Non-Foulers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Prevent spark plug damage with Dorman spark plug non-foulers. These non-foulers repair spark plug fouling if your engine is running too rich. Dorman reengineered and constructed these "problem solvers" from high-quality steel for corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability. They are ...

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